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Babychic Pram Liner- Midnight Deer Babychic Pram Liner- Midnight Deer
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Babychic Pram Liner- Cherry Blossom Babychic Pram Liner- Cherry Blossom
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Babychic Pram Liner- Red Apple Tree Babychic Pram Liner- Red Apple Tree
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Babychic Pram Liner- Blue Bird Babychic Pram Liner- Blue Bird
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Babychic Pram Liner- Dragonfly Babychic Pram Liner- Dragonfly
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Babychic Pram Liner- Dandelion Babychic Pram Liner- Dandelion
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Why Buy?

100% Cotton, 100% Comfortable, 100% Easy - Babychic Breathable Pram Liners have come to the rescue of mothers after a cool, comfortable, chic pram liner for baby.

  • Easy to use.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Easy comfort.

Babychic Pram Liners are made from our exclusive Babychic designer prints in a soft yet durable twill fabric, soft cotton jersey back and then filled with fluffy 100% cotton filling. This combination provides ultimate comfort and breathability for baby. Current buggy liners on the market claim to be '100% cotton' however are filled with polyester filling, which is renowned for trapping the heat that can make baby hot, sweaty and irritable.

With four easy to use tabs Babychic Pram Liners are simple and easy to take on and off the pram without the need to undo any strap or harnesses, and with ties at the top, your pram liner will stay put all day long.


  • Universal, will fit any 3 or 5 point safety harness and can grow with your baby.
  • Original Babychic Designs, inspired by nature.
  • Premium designer medium weight 100% cotton top.
  • Fully reversible back made from super soft cotton jersey
  • Filled with thick fluffy 100% cotton filling.
  • Exclusive design. Simply open the Velcro pull shoulder strap through and refasten.
  • Waist sections to ensure the pram liner does not interfere with a snug fit around baby’s waist.
  • Large double non-fray, re-enforced keyholes to pull leg padding through. Move up as baby grows.
  • Two ties that secures the liner to the pram to keep it upright and prevent slippage.
  • Added key holes to fit Baby Jogger® City Mini and Steelcraft Agile® quick fold handles which are located in the pram seat.


  • Breathable.
  • Suitable for baby’s with sensitive skin, eczema and allergies.
  • Protects the pram from spills and baby mess.
  • Adds a splash of colour and turns and pram from ordinary to extraordinary.
  • Added comfort for baby against the hard rough surface of the synthetic pram seat.
  • Simple & easy for mum to use.
  • Machine washable.

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