Babychic Pram Toy Straps (Set of 2)

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Babychic Pram Toy Straps (Set of 2) - Dragonfly Babychic Pram Toy Straps (Set of 2) - Dragonfly
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Babychic Pram Toy Straps are your new best friend for travelling with baby. How many times have you had to run back to pick up toys or lost multiple dummies along the way? Well Babychic has come up with the perfect idea.

The Babychic Pram Toy Straps simply secure all your child’s favourite items to the pram. With 2 adjustable ends and an elastic centre the Babychic Toy Straps keep everything tidy and together. 


  • Two adjustable ends, one for large items one for smaller items.
  • Elastic center keeps everything neat & tidy without having masses amount of cord or strap to get tangled.
  • The Babychic Toy Straps can hold onto most baby items including Sophie the Giraffe, bottles, sippy cups, blankies, bears, dummies, rattles, pretty much anything that baby loves to take out-&-about.

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