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The Bumbo® step ‘n potty is a comprehensive potty-training solution. It easily converts from a soft and comfortable potty to a toilet trainer and step. This practical product will see you all the way through the transition from potty to toilet training.

The Bumbo® step ‘n potty is recommended for babies and toddlers from 18 months to 3 years old.


    • Soft and Comfortable - Unlike conventional cold hard plastic toilet trainers, the soft warm feeling of the Bumbo® toilet trainer provides a sense of comfort and security, much needed when a toddler first starts using an adult toilet.
    • Non-Slip - This base and the lid of the Bumbo® step ‘n potty incorporate non-slip material to ensure ultimate safety.
    • Removable Cup - The Bumbo® step ‘n potty has a removable cup for easy cleaning and disposal. Here is a useful tip from us: Placing some tissue paper in the base of the cup makes for easier disposal and cleaning afterwards.
    • Stow Away Lid - The lid stows away neatly on the underside of the potty until needed for the conversion from potty to step and toilet trainer.

Use & Care

We recommend that you start potty training only once your toddler is willing and able to use the potty. Never leave your child unattended while using the step ‘n potty. When converting the potty to a step, turn the product upside down and press down on the front or backside of the lid. You will hear a loud click as the lid releases. The tight fit ensures the lid stays in place while stowed away.

Ensure the orientation of the lid is the right way around to clip in securely on to the base before use. For the safety of your child never use a damaged or incomplete product. Use a damp cloth and mild detergent to clean the Bumbo® step ‘n potty and never immerse the toilet trainer in water.

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